Obama in Chile: Streets in downtown Santiago will be closed for more than 17 hours

Due to the visit of the President of the United States, Barak Obama and his delegation, Police (Carabineros) have established a series of traffic detours in the capitol’s downtown for this Monday.

These begin at 7:00 am and will extend until 12:30 am on Tuesday.

Parking and vehicular traffic is prohibited on the streets surrounding the Presidential Building, Palacio de la Moneda.

Streets closed:

Agustinas: will be closed to vehicular traffic between Manuel Rodríguez and Bandera. Vehicles will be redirected up to Manuel Rodríguez, to the east and/or west.

Teatinos: will be closed to vehicular traffic between Balmaceda and Alameda. Vehicles must follow Balmaceda to the west.

Morandé: will be closed to vehicular traffic between Alameda and General Mackenna. Vehicles will be redirected to Alameda, to the west.

Moneda: will be closed to vehicular traffic from San Antonio Street. Vehicles will be redirected to San Antonio.

The streets San Martin, Amunátegui, Compañía, Catedral, Santo Domingo, Rosas, San Pablo and San Antonio will not be closed, and will act as detour options for the streets temporarily closed.

These thoroughfares will operate normally, but turns onto streets included in the security perimeter will be prohibited.


According to Carabineros, the street closings will only affect “motorized traffic” and not pedestrians, who can travel using the aforementioned streets. In this way, those who work on some of these streets will not have problems arriving at their destinations.

Likewise, Commerce will remain open within the security perimeter.


Source: Publimetro – Monday, March 21, 2011

21 hours of the U.S. President in Santiago

(A) Patio de los Cañones: At 1:30, President Obama will be received by Sebastián Piñera and his wife.


(B)  Salón Montt-Varas: At 1:40, the political leaders will take an official photograph and will be followed by official work and meetings.



(C) Salón Azul: At 2:00, the Presidents are expected to discuss matters of S1 for aprroximately one hour.  


(D) Salón O´Higgins: Corresponding to the ¨5+1¨ meeting, delegations will be part of an extended meeting with the heads of state around 2:30.



(E)  Patio de las Camelias: At 3:00, the Presidents will hold a press conference.



(F)  Salón del Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda: At approximately 4:00, Obama will meet with former coordinating leaders and later give a speech to the Americas.



(G) Patio de los Naranjos: At 6:45, there will be a dinner in honor of the President. The event will accomodate 345 guests. The menu includes seafood and wagyu beef, among other alternatives. In addition to dinner, entertainment will be provided by  Los Jaives and el Bafona.




Five key places  the Obamas are visiting


  1. Airport: A delegation headed by Foreign Minister, Alfredo Moreno, will receive the President and his associates. The Head of State wil arrive in Chile on Air Force One, the flight is around 13 hours, accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, their daughters, Sasha and Malia, his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson and the children´s godmother, Mamma Key.


  1. La Moneda and Centro Cultural: Most of the activities will be held in La Moneda. Yet at 4:00, Piñera will acompany Obama to the main door of Centro Cultural, which is a short walk from La Moneda and is located under citizenship square. There, he will carry out the second part of his agenda: the regional speech and meeting with former presidents.



  1. Museo Interactivo Mirador: Accompanied by the first lady, Cecilia Morel, the wife of President Obama and first lady of the U.S.A., Michelle Obama, will visit the MIM, where a group of young Chileans will present an artistic preformance in her honor. It will be determined if her daughters, Sasha and Malia, will be in attendence.
  2. Insituto Cumbre de Cóndores: Also, along with Cecilia Morel, Michelle Obama will travel to Renca to speak to 684 students on how a quality education can  improve quality of life.



  1. Hotel Sheraton:  After dinner and entertainment at La Moneda, the U.S. Head of State will stay at the Sheraton Hotel along with his family and associates. Obama is expected to depart from Chile tomorrow morning at 9:00 heading next to El Salvador. 

 Source: El Mercurio – Monday, March 21, 2011

Piñera seeks a second meeting with Obama and 26 sharpshooters protect the US leader

As of yesterday in La Moneda the wait was still on for a meeting to be scheduled for Tuesday before Obama´s departure for El Salvador.


Joint statement will focus on human rights. Obama will stress the value of “democratic letter” fostered by Chile in the region.


It was the only point pending on the agenda and not left pending by the indecision of the North American authorities but by the efforts of Chile. It is no wonder that President Sebastian Piñera wishes to schedule a second meeting with Barak Obama for Tuesday morning, commented an insider yesterday from La Moneda.


Initially a breakfast meeting at Piñera´s residence was proposed but this proposal was rejected by the White House. The reason being: Obama’s early morning departure to El Salvador, the last stop on his tour of Latin America which began yesterday in Brazil.


Not to be dissuaded, the same sources say that upon receiving the first no, Chile put forth several alternative proposals. “As of yet, the agenda remains the same”, were the words last night from a member of the Chilean government.


In any case, a Moneda insider says that there are several political coincidences between both governments.In the joint statement signed by both dignitaries, for example, the U.S. will give merit to the creation of the democratic letter of Unasur, an initiative headed by Chile for several months. In return, Moneda will strongly back Washington’s idea to send a UN observer to verify the human rights situation in Iran.


The issue of human rights, according to diplomatic sources, is one of the principal issues that Obama plans to address during his visit to Santiago.


This is the topic he will address both in his discussion with Piñera today at 13:50 and in his speech to the region in the Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda at 16:00.


As a matter of fact, one activity that was initially considered and then left off of the official agenda was a visit to the Museo de la Memoria in Quinta Normal.


Security Measures

Practice drills took place in the city yesterday along the diplomatic routes and security measures are being implemented three-fold: air, land and below ground surveillance with the support of more than 2000 police officers.


Security measures are especially tight on location of the specific seven buildings that will be visited by President Obama and his wife, Michelle, including approximately 26 sharpshooters from the special forces unit (GOPE) This includes the international airport, La Moneda, the hotels Sheridan, Hyatt and Intercontinental, the Cumbre de Cóndores School in Renca and the Museo Interactivo Mirador.


Throughout yesterday morning there were two separate demonstrations protesting the visit of the US President. One of the demonstrations was carried out in the Plaza de Armas with participants from the Comunist Party. The diputado and president of the party, Guillermo Teillier, asked that Obama make a statement on “the role of the US in the military coup of September 1973”.


 Source: La Tercera – Monday, March 21, 2011